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royal blue dez nutz wins their first game of the season in dramatic fashion!

by Dave Hunt, 2023-09-10T16:02:53.000-07:00September 10 2023, at 04:02 PM PDT

image In a game that had no scoreless and no single run at-bats, Royal Blue scored fours runs in the bottom of the 7th to walk away with their first win. In the top of the 7th, Don (gimpy) Martin came in as a relief pitcher to keep the game from getting out of hand. Congrats to both teams for an amazing offensive performance! (Despite the high score, only one home run was hit in the entire game)
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family exhibition games Monday September 4 - photo added!

2023-08-23 02:44 PDT by Dave Hunt (0 Comments)

We HAD two great games!

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2023-09-23T13:14:03.000-07:00September 23 2023, at 01:14 PM PDT, Dave Hunt said:

Updates to Dana rules were approved by the managers and officers in September 2023. Please click on Rules & Policies to see them. Just look for the changes if you are already familiar with the Dana rules.

2023-09-15T18:07:52.000-07:00September 15 2023, at 06:07 PM PDT, Dave Hunt said:

For Sep 16, the 11:30 game needs a 1st round replacement. The 1pm game needs a plethora of players.

If you want to get on the draft list for any games, put your name on it. We won't go around and ask.

Eligible draftees have to be within one round of the player being replaced.


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