2019-11-17T08:52:50.000-08:00November 17 2019, at 08:52 AM PST, Dave Hunt said:

Family/Exhibition game on Saturday Nov 30 at 9:30am. Sign up at the field this Saturday or send an email to Steve Robinson

2019-11-16T14:51:40.000-08:00November 16 2019, at 02:51 PM PST, Dave Hunt said:

Purple and Gray finished tied for 3rd/4th and split their head-to-head games. By card draw Purple takes 3rd place.

2019-11-09T13:51:10.000-08:00November 09 2019, at 01:51 PM PST, Dave Hunt said:

If you have not paid for next season, please bring $60 next Saturday.

2019-09-07T13:42:31.000-07:00September 07 2019, at 01:42 PM PDT, Dave Hunt said:

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